Aug 18, 2011

Fun Fall Ideas

This is a 4x8x4 glass block. Many versions are available!

You can find these glass blocks at Lowes Home Improvement stores.

This is shown as a 12" tile but can be fitted to any size.

$9.00 for vinyl only. Remember our vinyl comes as ONE piece.
A small way to welcome the season.

This 3-piece set total dimension = 5"x7.5"Look at the fun you can have decorating with these Halloween blocks!

Sweet Greetings for your front door!

Be Thankful 6"x8" DJ Serif font Vinyl $1.80 Finished $8.00

Beautiful HARVEST Blocks boast the fall colors!

CK Harvest font (blocks are 2"high) Vinyl $4.00 Finished $11

Enjoy the fall holidays with a large Wall Stacker of your choice...

Large Wall Stackers Vinyl $9.00 Finished $16.00

Thanksgiving Stacker (shown above) Papyrus font
Halloween Stacker (shown above) has various fonts

This is a warm greeting at your front door!

Finished size 8"x24" Papyrus font Vinyl $6.30 Finished $20.00

Also availble in the CK Harvest font

What a sweet "advertisement" for your treats

Harvest Blessings are truly a gift. 6"x12"

Edwardian Script font Vinyl $3.00 Finished $10.00

Other seasons available. Makes a quick & easy gift!

Our Harvest version of the Fat Shelf Stackers

Papyrus font $4.00 Vinyl $12.00 Finished

BOO Blocks-Girls are Weird font- $1.50 Vinyl $6.00 Finished
Ghost Fat Shelf Stackers w/various fonts $4.00 Vinyl $12.00 Finished

Live within your Harvest" What great advice!

Suggested size 6"x32" Vinyl $9.00 or Finished $17.00


These Fat Stackers welcome the Fall season!
DJ Serif font Vinyl $4.50 Finished $12.00 P.S. All seasons and holidays are available!
Or create one yourself!


As you can tell, we were all VERY busy this Christmas Season!
These photos are from all ends of the U.S. My daughters
in Alaska, Illinois and Idaho all share their talents.

I forgot to add the raffia and other 'fluff' before I took this photo! Imagine the advent calendar with all the cutesy stuff added. Sometimes I'm too anxious to get this photographed.

This darling design was created by my daughter-in-law, Jaci.
It won First Place in a recent vinyl designing contest!
See all the cutesy fluff? That's the type of accessories I forgot to put on the Nativity Advent Calendar before I took the photo. Now you can see how much cuter it is when it's all dolled up!
Just recently, Jaci made a Mr. Turkey Advent Calendar. Take a peek at the 'Fall Section'.

Ashlee shows us another fun way for kids to count down to the BIG day!

We also have several Birthday versions

Vinyl only $4.50 Finished $12.00 This is a 9" piece of metal with a stand

We use 2x4" blocks in a lot of our holiday items.

Vinyl only=$2.00 Finished=$7.50


One of several ways to decorate with 4x8x4 glass blocks

These blocks can be found at Lowes Home Improvement stores.

This cute sign can be with or without your stockings!
Look what can be done with your floating frames!

Simple greeting for any entrance

6"x8" Finished=$8 Vinyl only $1.80


4x8x4 Glass Blocks can be a unique 'canvas' for your vinyl.

"Dear Santa..."

We'll size your board/vinyl to fit allYOUR family stockings!
These stockings are hung with Horseshoe Nails.

Wooden pegs are also an option


Large Wall Stacker


We've made these blocks from a 2"x4". And then routed the edges.

Finished $6.00 Vinyl only $1.50

We must Believe in the magic!

4 pc. Christmas "Fat Stackers".

Vinyl only $3.00 Finished $13.00
Small 3 pc Shelf Stackers


Wisemen...Finished as shown 8x10