Aug 18, 2011

Fun Fall Ideas

This is a 4x8x4 glass block. Many versions are available!

You can find these glass blocks at Lowes Home Improvement stores.

This is shown as a 12" tile but can be fitted to any size.

$9.00 for vinyl only. Remember our vinyl comes as ONE piece.
A small way to welcome the season.

This 3-piece set total dimension = 5"x7.5"Look at the fun you can have decorating with these Halloween blocks!

Sweet Greetings for your front door!

Be Thankful 6"x8" DJ Serif font Vinyl $1.80 Finished $8.00

Beautiful HARVEST Blocks boast the fall colors!

CK Harvest font (blocks are 2"high) Vinyl $4.00 Finished $11

Enjoy the fall holidays with a large Wall Stacker of your choice...

Large Wall Stackers Vinyl $9.00 Finished $16.00

Thanksgiving Stacker (shown above) Papyrus font
Halloween Stacker (shown above) has various fonts

This is a warm greeting at your front door!

Finished size 8"x24" Papyrus font Vinyl $6.30 Finished $20.00

Also availble in the CK Harvest font

What a sweet "advertisement" for your treats

Harvest Blessings are truly a gift. 6"x12"

Edwardian Script font Vinyl $3.00 Finished $10.00

Other seasons available. Makes a quick & easy gift!

Our Harvest version of the Fat Shelf Stackers

Papyrus font $4.00 Vinyl $12.00 Finished

BOO Blocks-Girls are Weird font- $1.50 Vinyl $6.00 Finished
Ghost Fat Shelf Stackers w/various fonts $4.00 Vinyl $12.00 Finished

Live within your Harvest" What great advice!

Suggested size 6"x32" Vinyl $9.00 or Finished $17.00


These Fat Stackers welcome the Fall season!
DJ Serif font Vinyl $4.50 Finished $12.00 P.S. All seasons and holidays are available!
Or create one yourself!

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Green Eyed Girl said...

You are so amazingly talented... I love the thanks with the pilgrim and the Indian on the ends... too cute! Vicki