Aug 2, 2011


Welcome to our "Hugs...Kisses...and lots of Best Wishes" section. Any item can be made with your colors and sizes in mind. The following are only suggestions. Feel free to make any changes...

We have several other symbols available

Squeeze me ...6x26" in Saginaw font

True Love Story...6x13" with Aquarelle & Baskerville fonts
We use a combination of fonts on many, many of our products..Pick a few of your favorites!
Love is not ...6x22" with Scriptina & Tempus Sans font

Remember when every day was Valentine's Day for the two of you?

Our version of Webster's Dictionary...
A very popular wedding gift. It would also be perfect for an anniversary.
Everlasting Love...6x13"
Forever is just the right amount of eternity to love him..
I promise...Baskerville and Aquaelle fonts
Nothing short...4x28" in Inspiration font

And on a lighter note...

A couples name and/or wedding date could easily be added to this "Love Story". Isn't the font beautiful?

We've used a 4x8x4 glass block to design this centerpiece.
Wedding or anniversary information can be placed on the back.
This looks cute above a family grouping, also!
Started with a Kiss..4x26" in CK Fantasy font
As you see, most phrases can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the space you have in mind!
Love, counting years...8x20 in Scriptina & Annual Thin font

This is shown on a 6" ceramic tile.
Wouldn't this "Reality finally better..." be great above your bed?
We used f
ont CK Dear Miss Rose Any one of these will make a special wedding gift.
And they lived... shown above is Papyrus font. Board was a distressed finish!

Life...6x20"Scriptina & Baskerville fonts, beige vinyl, $11 vinyl only or $18 finished
Loved you once...Finished size 8x24" in Angelina font, $13 vinyl only or $22 finished

Fairytale...Beige vinyl, papyrus font, 6x20" Barn Redboard
$9 vinyl only or $17 finished

Happily...shown with Olive Green and Black vinyl on 6x36" Ivory board.
Edwardian Script & Baskerville fonts $17 vinyl only or $25 finished
Notice the "crackle" finish? Vinyl is Wedgewood Blue.

Loved you once.. white vinyl on sage paint 6x36" in Lucida Calligraphy font
$10 vinyl only or $20 completed
Forever...Chaucer font, Olive green vinyl 5x36" $13 vinyl only
Shown directly on the wall above the closet doors.

Loved you once...Harrington font, White vinyl 6" tall letters.
We made the letters so large because this wall had a cathedral ceiling.
On most walls, 3" to 4" letters are plenty, as shown above. When it was time to sell our home, this vinyl came off without any problems! There was absolutely no touch ups needed before prospective buyers came through. How great is that? When vinyl is applied directly to your walls you can feel confident of its fast, easy & clean removable. So if you are renting or have a dorm student - our vinyl is a fun way to personalize that space.

Application instructions are sent with every "Just Vinyl" order.

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