Jun 3, 2011


The color chart shown above is Avery 700 High Performance Calendered vinyl.
It's a medium gloss, 3.2 mil and can be used for interior or exterior use.
We are also using Oracal 631 vinyl which has many matte colors for interior use only.
Matte colors are beautiful when applying vinyl directly to your walls.
If you'd like to have a better look at a certain color, I will mail you a sample of it! No Charge...

Prices are calculated by the HEIGHT of the letters (*meaning, the tallest point of any given letter down to the lowest point of any given letter within your phrase)
and the LENGTH of the saying, in inches.
This pricing is for VINYL only. (Minimum order is $1.00)
Calculations: Height of Letter x Length in Inches
1" - 2" .25 per inch
2" - 4" .30 per inch
4" - 6" .35 per inch
6" - 8" .40 per inch
8" - 10" .45 per inch
10" - 13" .50 per inch
If you require letters taller than 13", please contact me for a quote.
Example: If the *height of a letter is 4" within a 36" long saying
you would figure itas
.30 x 36" = $10.80
If you order 10 exact items, you receive 10% off that order.
Also, church groups and schools receive 10% off their total orders.

We have hundreds of fonts to choose from. The following are the most popular. However, if you do not see the ones you like, let us know!
There's an excellent chance we have it in our files or can get it for you.
Take a look...they all have their own personality!
Vinyl can be applied to almost any clean, flat and smooth surfaces
such as walls, tiles, glass, automobiles and wood.
Instructions are included with every order we mail out!
1. Prepare the surface making sure it is clean and dry. If it is being applied to a 'craft' painted and varnished surface, it is recommended to wait 2-3 hours before applying the lettering. (If you are applying to painted walls, be sure the wall paint has "cured" at least 30 days. Someday when you decide to remove the lettering from your walls, you will thank me! There will be virtually no touch up paint needed.)
2. Prepare your lettering. Some will arrive rolled so lay it flat until it doesn't want to roll any longer. All lettering comes with clear transfer tape on top and backing on the bottom. Make sure your lettering is well applied to the transfer tape by rubbing it with a credit card, spoon, etc. This will ensure proper transfer of the pre-spaced vinyl letters to your desired surface. Using a ruler or carpenters level, make a light line where your lettering will be applied. (Masking tape works well also)
3. Flip the lettering over and carefully peel the backing paper from the transfer tape/vinyl lettering. (Peeling left to right is recommended) If the vinyl letters are NOT staying on the clear transfer tape, lay all layers down and rub longer to transfer. When letters are on the transfer tape only, the paper backing can be thrown away.
4. Carefully place the lettering on the desired surface. Make sure it's positioned correctly because most times, once it is in place, it MAY NOT be able to be re-positioned again. Using your rubbing tool, rub over each letter across the top of the transfer paper, smoothing out any air bubble.
5. Gently separate the transfer paper from the surface, making sure the vinyl is sticking to your desired surface and does not come up with the transfer tape. This important step exposes the vinyl's adhesive! Be very careful at this point!
- Hint: Start with a corner and peel diagonally.
- Hint: If the vinyl starts to come up, rub it again with a hard plastic card.
6. Enjoy! Your vinyl decal is now installed. Have fun decorating and personalizing your home, car or workplace with your favorite quotes, verses, custom letterings and designs.

You can also use Vinyl Lettering to create a stencil that can be used for etching glass. This is a great way to put your name on a pyrex baking dish, and is much more fun than writing it with a sharpie or that attractive piece of tape! We will send your design as a one piece "stencil", which makes placement a breeze. You can buy 'etching' goop in most any craft store. This makes a great wedding gift idea also!

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