Aug 3, 2011


The following photos give you just a glimpse of how versatile

vinyl can be. Think of the possibilities in and around your own home or office.

We have a variety of sizes, shapes and styles of "Magnet Boards".

Purchase beautiful plates and simply apply our vinyl for a unique look in your kitchen.

Ashlee's plates shown here are all Ivory with Chocolate Vinyl.

My plates have a totally different look by using 3 colors-Purple, Red, Green

Shown above are 24" and 12" particle board disks bought from a hardware store. The clock works can be purchased on-line or at most craft stores. The 24" clock has been painted to resemble stone. And the 12" clock has a crackle finish. Each one is unique.

Look carefully at the vinyl naming the different states where the family members live.What a fun way to keep track of their day!

Our storm door welcomes you with this "greeting" (or warning?)

Look out for Muffin! She loves to run...and she runs faster than YOU!

While those men are fishing we can either

Personally, I do the vinyl thing.

Yes, we're definitely back to living the wild life here in Montana!

Dave converted his 3 car garage into a "Man Cave".

But what better place to hang a talking fish!

There's plenty of snow to play in, 9 months out of the year!

We have the best son-in-laws for sure!

Colby's girls have been his fishin' buddies since tiny tots!

(It could be that Lacy wouldn't let him go without at least one of the girls)

Dave has several mottos. Here's just a few...

He needs a much bigger truck for all his "wisdom"

Many wives can understand this. I do have a fishing license but I'm a "Fair Weather" kinda gal. And only if there's a boat involved.

I had a lady NOT buy this because she said her husband DOES NOT lie about his fish. Right...

Keep these vinyls in mind when you're looking for a fund raiser for your children's teams. We give discounts on large orders.

We can include team names and their jersey number if you'd like!

They make great "Thank You" gifts for the coaches.


A beauty salon requested this sign as her customers were letting their unruly children go crazy while Mom was getting beautiful. The staff was worn out trying to referee! (Check out the very last line)

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