Aug 3, 2011


There's many ways to celebrate your family members!

No matter how you "spell" it, Family is where it's at!

Below is a grouping of vinyl (in mirror image) and scrapbook paper
My sister...Scriptina & Baskerville fonts
Brother, Best Friend...Lucida Calligraphy
A Child & My Mother are both printed in Inspiration font
2-1/4" lettering on 4" board.
This "Circle of Love" and her photos on the wall would pull the whole thing together
for Grandma. This is small enough to fit anywhere at 4x14".

Our most important moments are spent within our families.
Our large magnet boards are 10x20. Choose any short verse...
We have many styles and sizes for magnet boards. Check them out!

These magnetic sheets are attached to a 10x10" board
Favorite place ... Poornut font
A fun invitation for your little people!
Grandkids...CK Weez Bold font
My sister thought this was funny! What does she mean?
Laugh because ... 2PeasBlessing font
Child is born and Words, Action...DJ Classic font
First we had, The way you Love, Life's better all printed in DJ Classic
Haylee & Ethan show off for all to see.
Our Magnetic Sheet comes with it's own stand.
This makes it quick and easy for Grandma to update with her latest snapshot!
Your style can vary as much as your family members, just by changing the font!
Ask any Grandparent who they treasure.
You can personalize your frame to fit the occasion.
Our 8x10" frame is painted with Barn Red
Beige vinyl printed in Papyrus font
Gerrit is the proud father shown here
Our vinyls are easy to apply to walls. And can be removed without damaging your wall!
The effect is very pleasing, giving your grouping another dimension.
We call these our Fat Stackers. A 4-pc set is approximately 9"x7"x2"
Make Mother's Day extra meaningful for that special mom in your life.
Remember this year Mother's Day is May 10th
and Father's Day is June 21st
'Mother... admired' and 'Dad... hero' is Baskerville & Susie's Hand fonts

Beautiful...Scriptina font Greatest blessings...CK Sassy font
Where better place to become friends at Grandma's House or Grandma's Cabin?

Do you have a routine you'd like to organize. Try this idea!
Papyrus font
A reminder of what is the most important! (Shown on 6"tile)
Families...Tempus Sans & CK Bella
Your kids will 'enjoy' doing their chores with this fun chart
Beige vinyl printed in Bookworm font
' M is for Mom...not Maid' is a much smaller version of a chore chart.
6x14" with 4-5 chores/name tags. Shown in Beige vinyl & Girls are Weird font

What do your children call their
favorite grandparent?

This is also a fun verse for our 8x10" picture frame. Choose routed edges as shown or we'll have it hanging from ribbon or jute.
Our vinyls are easily applied on your walls. But the best news is...they are removable and DO NOT damage walls!

So, go ahead...choose an area and be creative! What's your style?

If there are projects you are interested in having in your home, please contact us. We can provide you with 'Vinyl Only', Vinyl + wood, or complete the projects for you.

We do not always give dimensions and costs as they can vary between orders, depending on what your needs are. Call or email us for a quote.

We keep our prices LOW because we have NO overhead. No commissions, no consultants...just my sister and I having fun with our hobby. Enjoy!

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