Aug 13, 2011


Make your laundry room FUN!

Throughout your day...if YOU don't love what you do, love why you're doing it!
This gentle reminder can make any meal special...
I especially love this Menu board! I wished I had one when my kids were small!
They could have helped fill in the dinner ideas. It's nice when you plan your shopping trip.
All 3 are painted with chalkboard "paint".

Surely you have someone that needs help remembering!
Maybe in your home each child could benefit from having their own
Magnet Board to keep them updated and organized!
Many sizes are available...

Having a home and family means you also have housework.
But you can show the lighter side of chores -

HOME...6x18", Baskerville & Lucida Handwriting fonts
We've used Black vinyl with Burgundy vinyl as the overlay.

We have many "Greeter" boards.

In Angie's new home, she knew exactly what she wanted above her beautiful stove!
And here's a closer look...
She has used Wedgewood Blue and Black vinyl on a light blue wall.
Our vinyls all come pre-spaced and pre-cut. All ready to rub on your surface.

It took quite a while to apply this vinyl, but look at the results!
Very impressive. Way to go, Angie!

Your favorite phrases can be placed anywhere. Just look...

"His" and "Hers" shown above the bathroom vanity lights

I love this placement - right at the bathroom sink.
A well placed thought can really be a subtle suggestion in how your day goes.

Who has the time? Now you have a fun 'come-back'.
Dull women...Poornut font.

Lacy decorated her daughters bathroom with 3 different colors in 3 different sizes of vinyl circles.
Didn't it turn out great? How could you NOT walk out of here wide awake and ready to start the school day?
Sprinkle...Bumble font

Your favorite dentist would be so proud!
This Rubber Ducky sign can be made with pegs or hooks, also.
A great way to hang those yellow towels for the kids and their friends.
Ashlee made her magnets with "rolling pins" attached. Cute, huh?
The wood size is 10x10" using Sassy font.

Our home had great soffits for large vinyls!
The lettering shown below is 4" tall letters in a Parbuckle font.
This has always been my motto!
I don't want to be too full after dinner so I start off with dessert!
Eat...Kristen ITC font

Wash*Brush ... Kristen ITC font

When Lacy saw this one in Ashlee's laundry room,
she said wanted hers to say "I didn't mean dishes". What would yours say?

Ashlee found this cute pail at a great price and applied this much needed vinyl!

We have alot of Laundry items, huh? (It's my favorite household chore!)

We've added his "horse" to this sign. It resembles a cute rag doll style horse.

Delirious house...6x20" printed in Classic font

This Laundry Room sign has lime green/white checkerboard background.

You can choose what chores you'd like for your family.
Our large chart shown as 8x24" with 6 chores, printed in Bookworm font
(We also have a smaller chore charts available)
Any of our vinyls can be used outdoors! Most have a 6 year exterior life span.
This was one of my very first signs. Printed in Adorable font.

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