Aug 3, 2011


Angie has this vinyl printed in "mirror image" so it is on the inside of the glass.

The background is 'scrapbooking' paper, which can be replaced as your color schemes change.

Challenges..on the wall of a local Physical Therapist's office

Live simply...Susie's Hand font

Don't tickle...approximately 8x8", Tempus Sans & Susie's Hand font

We have a lot of embellishments to choose from...

This small item is only 4" tall. It fits anywhere!

A great, inexpensive gift for a special friend.

Both items shown above and below are beautiful thoughts.

We call these our Small Shelf Stackers. We use this size for a variety of things, especially for holiday themes.

This one looks welcoming anytime and anyplace.

Anyone who works in a busy atmosphere can appreciate this sentiment! Even when you can't say it out loud to those around you.

This reminded me of feelings we have at Thanksgiving and Christmas,

but it's good advice all year around.

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