Aug 3, 2011


When you come to all the light you know

and you are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,

Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen:

There will be solid ground beneath you

or you will be taught how to fly.

This verse came from my favorite church hymn
It's a beautiful reminder next to my's the
last thing I read at night and the first thing I see in the morning.

The extraordinary picture of our Savior is surrounded by Burgundy & Black vinyl

What a beautiful gift for the newlyweds!

It is shown here on a 12" tile with Aquarelle font on Black & Carmel vinyl

Congratulations to the young couple!

PM #1225 "Greater joy..." Baskerville & Scriptina fonts

PM #1202 "Christ is the center"... Adorable & Lucida Calligraphy fonts

"Faith"...Lucida CalligraphyShown below is our "Six Be's". We also have a "Nine Be's"
Inspired by Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley .... Bumble font

We know the things that mean the most to us are what we have around our home.

Show your family and friends the values that mean the most to you.

Either one of these framed pictures will help direct your child's thoughts to the eternities.

We've printed the vinyls in "mirror image" and applied to the inside of the glass. It really gives the wording an extra dimension. And the scrapbooking paper is a background that can always be interchangeable!

Love spoken..has routed edges and a crackle finish with Parbuckle font

In today's world of "values", this is an important reminder!

Most tiles can be formatted for a 6" or 12" tile.

Kneel...Baskerville & Adorable font PM #1219 "As for me.." Lainie Day & Papyrus fonts Never forget who you are...Whom you serve.

Here we did a crackle finish and used a Papyrus font
Mount this message above your entry door to welcome your friends and family.
Peace...4x24" Parbuckle font

Love one Another...Papyrus font

PM #1206-1 Baskerville & Scriptina fonts

Ask, Seek...PM #1202 Chocolate vinyl in Adorable & Lucida Calligraphy fonts

Add a beautiful scripture to any grouping in your home.

PM #6 "As for me..." shown on 8x38 board painted with AB Barn Red
(Also fits nicely formatted as 6x36)
Lucida Calligraphy font

We have many simple projects that your youth can finish.

If you'd like, we'll also include the scripture reference on this or any of our scripture verses.

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